Current Issue


Pages 1-3: HIV/AIDS and Ethnic and Racial Minority Youth: Current Issues
Tanya T. Sharpe, PhD JoAna M. Stallworth, PhD Kim S. Miller, PhD
Hazel D. Dean, ScD, MPH Kevin Fenton, MD, PhD

Pages 4-18: Disparities in HIV/AIDS Diagnoses Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Youth
Anna Satcher Johnson, MPH Xiaohong Hu, MS
Tanya T. Sharpe, PhD Hazel D. Dean, ScD, MPH

Pages 19-28: Sexual Health Disparities Among African American Youth and the Need for Early Prevention Approaches: Parenting and Youth
Development Programs as Strategies for Pre-Risk Prevention

Kim S. Miller, Amy M. Fasula, Melissa N. Poulsen, J. Terry Parker,
Shannon Zackery, Sarah C. Wyckoff, Leslie F. Clark

Pages 29-41: HIV and STD Risk among Racial and Ethnic Minority Youth and UCLA’s Suite of Effective Behavioral Interventions
Tanya Telfair Sharpe, PhD Veda Rammohan, MPH Carla Elia, PhD

Pages 42-49: Two Pre-risk Prevention Programs to Address Sexual Health
Disparities among African American Youth

Kim S. Miller, Leslie F. Clark, Amy M. Fasula, J. Terry Parker,
Shannon Zackery, Sarah C. Wyckoff, Melissa N. Poulsen

Pages 50-60: HIV Risk in African American Versus Other Urban Homeless Youth
Leslie F. Clark, PhD, MPH Mona Desai, MPH Curren Warf, MD, MSEd Richard Y. Calvo, MPH Merra Beharry, MD Susan Rabinovitz, RN, MPH

Pages 61-71:Risky Sexual Behaviors Among a Sample of Gang-Identified
Youth in Los Angeles

Bill Sanders Stephen E. Lankenau Jennifer Jackson-Bloom

Pages 72-85:An Exploratory Study of HPV, Cervical Cancer, and HIV
Knowledge: Key Findings on Risk Behaviors and Access
to Medical Screenings among Amerindian Adolescents
in Guyana, South America

Shelley A. Francis, DrPHP Joan Liverpool, EdDP Philip K. Chan, MS